The Calaboose

  • 20 upscale townhomes
  • 24,000 sq. ft Office Space
  • Open Park & Green Space

The Calaboose will bring another mixed-use development of residential and office space to Downtown, Historic Frisco’s Rail District.  It was an historic building of Frisco’s past that fueled the creativity to bring new ideas and new life to a place that has always been in style. At the turn of the century, the American Railroad helped to keep life energized in Downtown Frisco. And when things got a little bit too exciting, there was always the Calaboose. A small space to let a person sleep off the fun from the night before and wake up refreshed for another day working the railroad or as part of the town’s textile industry. Taking inspiration from our very own history, now 20 upscale residential townhomes take shape. With vertical columns that mimic the parallel lines of a railroad track on the outside and brighter spaces for an even more inspired perspective on the inside. The remix of residential and office space will bring more feet to our Downtown, keeping true to a history that never rests.