Rail District

A History That Never Sleeps:

At the turn of the century, the American Railroad was booming. Connecting city to city and putting new places on the map. Just four miles down the track from a popular Texas watering stop, a new town was settled. Aptly named after the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway system, Frisco, Texas planted its roots. The railroad brought visitors and a strong economy to a place that began to give back to its people. There were places to go, to unwind and connect. It was an exciting time. One that the future never forgets.

Back On The Rails:

And now starts downtown Frisco’s renaissance, where redevelopment is given a history to build upon. Introducing The Rail District, where creativity and collaboration collide to reimagine a downtown for a new generation. North or South of Main, the redevelopment is cohesive. Offering the right mix of restaurants, retail and residential to activate  the street. To get people out and walking and enjoying their city. Industrial in its design, just like its past and by taking inspiration from some of the South’s greatest and most well-planned cities. They all had one thing in common. A downtown that is thoughtfully planned and walkable. 

What was a town then, is a city now. See what’s on track at The Rail District: