Nack Theater

About This Project

Think back. Way back. To a time when creativity was encouraged in your life. As kids, art was always a part of your daily school routine. Dreaming of your future was encouraged. And all for good reason. Creativity celebrates self-expression, new ways of thinking and even supports problem solving. At Nack Development, we never forgot about that. We dream big and then execute on that creativity to encourage and energize a greater good. And that’s why Nack Development has plans to culture that vision from the very start with a New Performing Arts Center called, Nack Theater. The new theater has 210 seats available for guests for a very special, intimate experience. On the outside, it will feature “throwback architecture,” to make it look like a historical community theater. An entertainment destination that is NOW available in Frisco, Nack Theater is hosting live music, comedy nights, weddings, conferences, plays, special events and much more!

  • Live Entertainment
  • 210-Seat Capacity
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